Period 37 (Nov 2018) Results Release

This is to clarify on the next steps in relation to the Period 37 results release.

Due to issues on the OBU web portal, students have been notified via email on the P37 Results, whether they have passed or failed the Research and Analysis Project.

1. Not yet received an email notification:

Please get in touch with OBU at to clarify on the results.


2. Failed the Research and Analysis Project:

The detail examiners comments are to be shared via email by 24 May 2019.

A one-off submission period would be opened from 14 – 26 June 2019. Alternatively students could opt to resubmit during Nov 2019 submission period.

Should the 10 year eligibility period ends in May 2019, such candidates have been given an extension till Nov 2019 to facilitate resubmissions.

Keep a look out at the below link for further detail:


3. Passed the Research and Analysis Project:

A hard copy of the transcript, pass letter and award confirmation letter will be sent via post in the coming weeks.

Get in touch with OBU ( )should you not receive them by 31 July 2019,

Degree Certificates would be sent via post as well within few months.

Get in touch with OBU ( should you not receive them by 30 September 2019,

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The partnership between ACCA and Oxford Brookes University

An article published sometime back but still relevant for those considering the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Degree Program by offered by Oxford Brookes in partnership with ACCA:

OBU and ACCA: 15 years at the top

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