Summary of updates to the Information Pack

1. Revised topic titles

Topic 17: Select an organisation that has been identified as having weak corporate governance structures within the past 5 years. Critically evaluate their corporate governance practices including an assessment of the origins of the corporate governance issue(s) and the organisation’s response.

Topic 20: Select an organisation that has been identified as having weak social responsibility practices within the past 5 years. Critically evaluate their social responsibility practices, including an assessment of the origins of the problem(s) and the organisation’s response and the impact of this on the organisation’s key stakeholders.

2. Revised industry sectors for topics 8 and 15 and the ICB classification code:

2713 Aerospace

3577 Food Products

5753 Hotels

3. Revised rules on use of latest financial statements

When resubmitting, it is no longer necessary to use the latest financial statements provided you resubmit within any of the next 4 periods following your original submission and there is no changes to the topic or organisation.

4. More specific guidance on the presentation and slides and spreadsheet

Students are required to give a fifteen minute presentation containing 10-20 slides to their mentor and provide evidence of this presentation.

The slides should be designed to support the verbal presentation given by the student and should summarise the research report (including its conclusions and recommendations).

Students must submit a spreadsheet file (normally XLSX) containing appropriate formulae. A pdf or screenshot of a spreadsheet file is not acceptable.

5. Revision to submission fee

Submission fee has been revised as £300 for periods 35 and 36. (Subject to approval)

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What should you know before planning towards Period 35 (Nov 2017) Submission?

Glad to see students being proactive and preparing towards P35 submission. While starting early would help to produce high quality deliverables, it’s worth taking in to considerations, which would help you in the planning process:

  1. The Information Pack and Resubmission Guide applicable for P35 & 36 are expected to be published in late June  @ ACCA
  2. The new industry classification to choose the organisations for T8 & 15 are yet to be published
  3. T8 & 15 requires using the latest available financial statements for the analysis, where the “latest” is defined as the 90 days before the stat of the submission period of 1 Nov 2017, which would effectively mean to use the latest 3 financial statements published 3 Aug 2017.
  4. Potential modifications for T17 Corporate Governance and T20 CSR Topic titles, where details to be confirmed in the Information Pack by late June.
  5. Changes to the structure of SLS to decommission the existing 4 questions on the self-reflection. Details to be confirmed in the Information Pack.

What does it mean to you?

  1. Should you consider T8 / 15, need to await for the latest industry classification in order to decide on the organization to be chosen
  2. Though subject matter of T17 CG and T20 would be retained, it’s better to wait till the Information Pack is out to understand on the potential modifications to the topic title
  3. The above changes would not apply should you be doing a resubmission, with no changes to the organisation

What should I do while waiting for the latest Information Pack?

  1. You may still read through the existing Information Pack to understand the requirements of the Degree Program as most of the detail on it would still be applicable for P35.
  2. Refer to the examiners articles and the compilation of examiners comments to understand the expectations and requirements clearly, which would help much on the planning process



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Final Checklist

As you proceed with the P34 Submission please go through the below checklist to ensure that your deliverables meet the requirements:

Final Checklist

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