The BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Degree Program offered by the Oxford Brookes University is exclusively to ACCA students who wish to obtain a Degree while studying towards the ACCA Qualification.

We provide ACCA students worldwide with Mentorship in achieving the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Degree, offered by the Oxford Brookes University.

With several years of experience in mentoring and being in close touch with Oxford Brookes University, the quality of the mentorship adds much value to our Mentees.

Beyond successful achievement of the Degree, we believe that our dedicated Mentorship Program would help students realise their full potential.

Shan (Bhavani Shanmugabalan)
FCCA, CA Singapore, BSc (Hon) in Applied Accounting

Shan is a Registered Mentor with the Oxford Brookes University and seen more than 130 students successfully graduated with flying colours via his dedicated mentorship. The passions towards the mentorship and active engagement with students and members have not only contributed towards the success of the mentorship but also focus on continuous improvement on the program.

The mentorship includes both for students in Singapore as well as overseas students via online mentoring, which had covered various topics.

In terms of the professional experience, Shan has been with KPMG over 6 years with extensive audit experience in the Financial Services Industry and then moved on to the Banking Industry, where he has been with Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered and RBS specialising in the Interest Rates, Credit Derivatives and FX.

The strong academic track record and vast professional experience that Shan holds would sure be a great source where students could tap on in achieving their goals and objectives.