Assessment Criteria

Technical and Professional Skills

Understanding of accountancy / business models:

Highly appropriate choice of theory/concepts; Very clear relevance and shows evidence of wider reading

Application of accountancy / business models: 

Insightful and critical application of models to the project topic

Evaluation of information, analysis and conclusions:

High level of critical thought shown in the analysis and a rigorous approach to the evaluation of information

Presentation of project findings

Can engage reader in a professional manner and produce a relevant and coherent project report with appropriate structure.

Graduate Skills


Language mostly fluent; Grammar and spelling mainly accurate

Information gathering and referencing:

Clear evidence of a range of relevant information sources. Clear evidence of correct referencing methodology.

Information technology:

Shows evidence of having accessed online information sources and having used a spreadsheet (whcih incorporates and clearly demonstrates use of formulae). Shows clear evidence of use of other relevant software in preparing the project report.

Skills and Learning Statement


Makes a reasonable attempt to address all four questions; Shows ability to reflect on judgements made / actions taken during project work; Evidence of recognising own strengths and weaknesses

Communication skills:

A copy of the presentation to the mentor is included. The presentation should summarise the research report (including conclusions and recommendations). The presentation should consist of 10-20 slides, whcih are capable of being delivered in 15 minutes at an acceptable pase.  Presentation has appropriate structure and the content is clearly linked to project report findings.