An "A" Grade with an early start!

It’s time to start early on the RAP so that you could get an “A” Grade with high quality deliverable!

So how should I start? Simple 3 steps!

1. Read the Information Pack:

Well the good part is that there are no changes to the requirements compared to Nov 2016 (P33) submission, hence read through the information pack available @

2. Choose a Topic & Organisation:

The list of approved topics is provided in page 32 & 33 of the Information Pack. Once you have read them clearly watch the below video on “How to choose topic?”

3. Choose a Registered Mentor:

You may view the list of registered mentors by registering @

Watch the video on “How to choose a mentor?”


This would help you with a good start and feel free to get in touch directly if any questions and also benefit from attending the FREE tutoring sessions, should you be based in Singapore!